In 1905 a group of faithful community members felt the need to establish a permanent church in Merrill. Methodist and Presbyterian ministers were invited to discuss the forming of a church. The Presbyterian minister was quick to respond and so the church was begun. Reverend J.M. Ferguson was the first called minister to the church.

On July 15, 1905, twelve people met with Rev. Ferguson and became charter members of our Merrill Presbyterian Church. The charter members were:

  • Mrs. Laura Carr
  • Mr. & Mrs. W.F. Hill
  • Mrs. Jane Mason
  • Mr. & Mrs. G.W. Offield
  • Mr. & Mrs. Sam Roff
  • Mrs. Lena Taylor
  • Mrs. Letha Van Brimmer
  • Mrs. Martha Van Brimmer
  • Mrs. Anna Wilson

In March, 1906 Reverend Robert Tweed was called to be minister. He was responsible for the construction of the church building. The building was dedicated to the worship of God on October 26, 1906.

On the morning of January 24, 1949 a fire broke out in a Sunday School classroom. The Sunday School rooms and sanctuary were a total loss and the annex was badly damaged. Luckily much of the furnishings were able to be saved.

A new church was built, and the first service in it was held on December 25, 1949. This is the same building we are in today.

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